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Community Outreach


Grab-n-Go Food Truck Dinners
Eastside Church Parking Lot | Wednesdays, 4:00-7:00 PM

Why are we hosting food trucks at Eastside?


To build community. A food truck dinner allows us to gather with church family and meet our neighbors.


To support small business. Hosting food trucks gives owners hope and business opportunities during a difficult season.


To address food insecurity. We are distributing meal vouchers to local school districts and non-profit organizations. Vouchers enable families to enjoy a meal and return a sense of dignity by taking them from the food bank line to the food truck line.


Click below for the food truck schedule, menus, and to order ahead.

Here’s how you can be a part of the local outreach opportunity: enjoy dinner out and purchase a meal, invite friends and neighbors, assist with set-up or clean-up, and contribute to our Community Service fund to offset vouchers.


For further information about our partnership with the Washington State Food Truck Association or this outreach, email us at


We’ll see you on Wednesday for dinner!

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Global Outreach


Going Deutsch

Brandon and Marcie are church planters and community developers in Cologne (Köln), Germany. Their purpose is to love and serve their city and to reach out to the 98% of the population that doesn't know Jesus. They have a heart for discipleship and a focus on developing young leaders. 

Along with their kids, Kaitlyn and Hudson, they have been serving with Foursquare in Germany since 2017.

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African Hospitality Institute

As a community of faith, AHI is committed to journey with those who want to step into a transformed life marked by hope, wholeness, and opportunities. Located out in an isolated rural ‘bush’ village setting, AHI prepares unemployed young men and women for employment in the tourist industry of Uganda through a 2-year hands-on vocational training program blended with relational discipleship through an intentional mentoring community. With over 80% unemployment, AHI graduates are finding employment at 5-star hotels and safari lodges throughout Uganda.

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Gary and Paula Hays founded thinkSMALL in 2007. thinkSMALL was formed with the belief that God has a plan to reach and raise up the youngest generation to transform our nations for Jesus! Since starting their ministry in Thailand, they have expanded globally to regions in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and more. They serve public and private schools, churches, communities, and children through fun, educational Child Empowerment Outreaches that help children stand together to resist trafficking, abuse, and drugs.

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Binding Up Brokenhearts

John and Robin Vendelin work in Africa, Indonesia, and Eastern Europe to provide emotional, spiritual and mental health therapy and support for those whose hearts have been broken by trauma.

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